2017. My Recognition As An Artist

‘I am an artist’ It is a lovely feeling of liberation being unapologetic about taking the time for myself to create art as a living.

This year is expansive with the start of endless possibilities. For the past couple of years, I threw myself into working overtime at my employment since finishing my studies and soon found I had spread myself too thin. I am at a stage where I can afford to have that luxury of doing less hours which will help me reach my full potential in the artwork I make. My creativity had become five percent; it was a hobby ‘on the side’. I can now create and sell my artwork at a permanent space locally at a local café while also taking on commissions.

For many years before moving to Edinburgh in 2012, I realised how I was surrounded by people who were negative and pulling me down, so I decided to be around other artists who helped pull each other up and inspire one another. From then on, my life had changed. It made a big difference to how I see myself and being able to talk about art, share techniques, ideas, etc., with others. I found that very encouraging.

As artists, being objective about our work can be one of the fuckin’ hardest things to do as we can be too emotionally entangled with it. This is why I also ask friends what they think as well to hear their perspectives. Sometimes they are nice and supportive, but this is a double edge sword because as an artist, I continue to push myself beyond that edge of comfort seeking to improve my skills and knowledge.

I am in the process of building up my upcoming exhibition. I do have days when it can be challenging to keep focused and motivate myself, but that is part of the journey at times when working independently from home. It still is early days, but I will soon find a way to work out a plan that feeds my creativity productively.

Anyway, I am away to prepare dinner now and settle down for the evening.

Enjoy the rest of your day/night, my readers.



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