July 2017 Update

So, life has been a bit chaotic, but getting better. I have not had the chance to properly relax and blog until now, although I have been creating a few things or two for upcoming celebrations such as greeting cards and making my own gifts for people.

I have actually taken my laptop to Starbucks today for a change – it has been a few years since I have done this. I used to make these outings wearing smart clothes to make me look important as I walked in to get my coffee. That was something I did in my younger days! I have casual clothes on just now.

A few weeks back, I was at Portobello Beach with my friend, Jenny, who I met at an oil painting meet-up group this summer. We started painting views of the surroundings then went to have a bite to eat at The Esplanade Bar & Restaurant. One of her friends passed by and joined us for dinner before heading home.

This morning, I decided to head back to Portobello on my own to finish my painting. Half way there on my bus journey, I realised I took everything I needed except the painting on panel itself. Looking under my seat a couple of times in search for it, I thought, “f**k!” So, I turned back to go home feeling rather annoyed with myself and decided, it is getting a bit cold anyway and it is also quite a journey to go home then head out again. I just was not in the mood to paint anymore. It is not like me to forget things easily, but it happens to all of us at some point. I will make another trip soon.

Here we were having food and drinks at the Esplanade Bar & Restaurant, as known as the ‘Espy’ to locals which one of the waiters kindly helped us to capture. 

It was a great day had by all.






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